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  1. Do I need to apply for the Student Support Package? If you are a full time student, you do not need to make a separate application to the University. All the information we require to assess you for the
  2. What is the MMU Student Support Package? We have created a £4,500 MMU Student Support Package for new full-time first year undergraduate students starting university in September 2014. Our &p
  3. What Student Support Package is available to part-time students, and how can I a... The support package is available to all part-time, home, undergraduate students who meet the following criteria: New students commencing year
  4. Do I need to apply for the Academic Achievement Bursary? No – we will automatically assess your eligibility based on the grades you achieve. If you are eligible, we will start approving the awards from mid November 2014 onwards, all students
  5. How do I apply to MMU? There are several ways to apply to MMU. You can find full details here.
  6. I have received a tuition fee invoice, but I have already made a payment. Why ha... We will provide you with an invoice for the full amount of tuition fees we will be charging you in the current academic year. However, if you have already made a payment, we will deduct this automat
  7. I have a tuition fee loan or grant from Student Finance. How are my tuition fees... During your online enrolment, please tick the relevant box to advise that you have a tuition fee loan/grant from Student Finance. If the loan/grant does not cover all your fees, please select additi
  8. How do I apply for a place in Clearing? We begin taking clearing enquiries from early July until the middle of September or until we no longer have vacancies.
  9. Why have I not received a met card? If you are a new first year full time undergraduate student (not incoming exchange student), you should automatically receive an email to let you know where to go to collect your me
  10. Who is eligible for a met card, and how do I get one? If you are a new first year full time MMU undergraduate student (not an incoming exchange student), you will automatically be given a met card once you have enrolled on your
  11. What is the met card, and how does it work? The met card is a card with a unique card number, which holds pre-paid credit for you to spend on a range of university goods and services. You can top up funds on your met card yourself, or
  12. I have accepted my offer, what do I do next? If you have a conditional offer, we will be in touch in August once we have received your results. If your offer is unconditional we will be writing
  13. How do I apply for a visa? For information on how to apply for a Tier 4 (General) visa to study at MMU click here.
  14. How do I apply for Return to Practice nursing? The Return to Practice course is approved by the NMC for nurses wishing to return to part one (nursing) and part three (specialist community public h
  15. When is the deadline to apply for MMU Halls of Residence? There is no deadline to apply for halls. We will continue to allocate students to halls as long as there are bed spaces available. You can apply for accommodation from April, even when&n
  16. Do I need to make a payment when I apply for MMU Halls of Residence? You do not need to make a payment during the initial application stage. If you are offered MMU accommodation then you will need to pay £100 in advance to secure the accommodation.
  17. I need my MMU ID Number to apply for accommodation, how can I get this? Your MMU ID number is written on your offer letter – it is 8 digits in length. If you have not got this then you can contact your
  18. My course starts in January, can I still apply for university accommodation? Please make an application for university accommodation, using the MMU Accommodation pages in the two months prior to your start d
  19. How can I apply for accommodation? The accommodation application system opens in April. You will need to apply online via the MMU
  20. When can I apply for accommodation? You can apply for accommodation from April, as soon as you have firmly accepted a conditional or unconditional offer from MMU. Allocation of
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