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  1. How many people can I live with in Halls? You can live with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 10 people, depending on the type of Halls of Residence you have applied for. These can be m
  2. I need my MMU ID Number to apply for accommodation. How can I get this? Your MMU ID number is written on your offer letter – it is 8 digits in length. If you have not got this then you can contact your
  3. How do I apply for PGCE funding? Home and EU students may be eligible for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of the tuition fees charged.
  4. I have already applied - who do I contact to check progress? MMU direct application form (taught MA or MSc): Direct Admissions team on 0161 247 2966 or email
  5. How do I get a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check? If you are given a place on PGCE you will be asked to attend a drop in session to apply for your DBS certificate. More information, is available
  6. Where can I find out about financial support available for PGCE students and how... The most accurate and detailed information on PGCE funding including how to apply can be found at the Na
  7. Can I apply directly to the University? All applications for PGCE Primary and Secondary have to go through UCAS at
  8. How many courses can I apply for? Apply 1: Applicants can apply for up to three courses. Think about what kinds of
  9. Can I apply for a PGCE Primary with a 2:2 degree? No, we only consider candidates who hold a 2.1 or 1st class Honours Degree. If you have postgraduate study in any area we can consider this as an extension of your studies and you could t
  10. How long is the Professional Skills Test valid for? The Professional Skills Test remains valid for 3 years. Candidates can therefore apply for a PGCE course within 3 years of passing the test. More information about the Pr
  11. Can I apply through the Apply 2 route if I have not applied through Apply 1? Applicants cannot apply for a course through Apply 2 unless they have already applied through the Apply 1 route. You can only use th
  12. How do I find out about PGCE courses in Clearing? ...for PGCEs. Applicants who are unsuccessful in gaining a place for teacher training in Apply 1, can apply for one co
  13. Can I apply whilst I'm waiting for results for my GCSE resits? For PGCE Primary applicants must have their GCSEs completed at the point of application. We can’t process applications with results pending. We don’t offer any
  14. What should I do to prepare for my PGCE interview at MMU? If possible, you should try to get as much work experience as you can before your interview. There are also some practice interview questions on the 
  15. As an International student with a degree from overseas, can I apply for a PGCE? ...quivalents in English and Maths (and Science for Primary), and you have a recognised degree you can apply. You can check your qualifications with our Internat
  16. When can I start applying for courses? The process begins at the end of October. Please check UCAS for updates
  17. How do I apply for the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)? For the full-time Graduate Diploma in Law course applications are made at the Central Applications Board website :
  18. How can I apply for accommodation? Full-time postgraduate students can apply for MMU accommodation and private halls. The accommodation application system opens in April.
  19. Which MMU Halls of Residence are most suitable for Postgraduate or mature studen... Oxford Court two bedroom flats are more suitable for Postgraduate or mature students as you will be
  20. When can I apply for accommodation? The accommodation application system opens in April. As soon as you have an Unconditional or Conditional offer of a place at MMU you are then eligible to
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